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Poster: APM28 Date: Dec 30, 2008 6:09pm
Forum: web Subject: AOL Hometown BS (digging deeper)

Hey, folks.

Anyone here know how I can solve the following problem?

Now that they've killed their "" ("Hometown") pages, is there any way to go further than the surface pages wonderfully collected at

For example, here's one page that I nabbed:*/

...that gives a Date Grid for the many entries of a Web Board.

Alas, once one goes to (say), August 30, 2003:

And click the WEB BOARD link, one lands here:

This provides the Threads of the Web Board for the period May-Aug.03 (or most of them, anyway). But it still does NOT provide the MESSAGE TEXTS themselves, if one clicks the appropriate links.

Is there ANY WAY AT ALL to get to the MESSAGE TEXTS....???

I am doing heavy research for a book on Lee Van Cleef, and some of these msgs were Posted by his descendants, as well as some pretty knowledgeable fans of the actor's work.

And I'm counting on you people at being pretty darn "knowledgeable", too.

Looking forward to hearing from you (believe me, if you can solve this road-block, you'll get into my Acknowledgments page!!)....


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Poster: kustota Date: Dec 31, 2008 12:36am
Forum: web Subject: Re: AOL Hometown BS (digging deeper)

these messages were most possibly not archived because they are implemented as CGI scripts, not simple html.

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Poster: whenwilltimetravelbepossible Date: Apr 12, 2014 3:02pm
Forum: web Subject: Re: AOL Hometown BS (digging deeper)

I thought I'd do two posts, since adding all this to my post would make it too lengthy for other people (than myself) to understand:

Instructions when changing Doink the Clown into Goldust:

Pull out the hair and, after doing so, use the modelling putty to fill in the holes in the head, from where the hair was pulled out. Use the modelling putty to sculpt new, ordinary, moulded on hair.

Also use the modelling putty to fill in the chin area, below the painted face, and the chest area, above the shirt.

Sand off the lower white portions of the arms, and sculpt gloves out of putty. Paint the figure's white face and ears yellow, paint the figure's red nose yellow, and use black paint for the face paint around the eyes, and paint the figure's mouth black.

Paint the new hair blond. When filling in the chin area, paint it yellow and, when filling in the chest area, paint it black.

Paint the figure's dark blue shirt black (where you'll also be painting over the collar, tie and buttons), and paint the arms and hands gold. Also paint the figure's dark blue crotch black.

Paint the red legs gold (and paint black stripes on them), and recolour the black boots gold.

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Poster: whenwilltimetravelbepossible Date: Apr 12, 2014 2:34pm
Forum: web Subject: a Hometown AOL page I remember

I wish I could find the URL for this page, which was for 'Custom WWF Hasbro Custom Recipes'.

I remember some of the recipes:

I can't remember what exactly the recipe for one of the Steve Austin figures was, but I remember it included the Brutus the Barber Beefcake figure (the first version, wearing magenta, with the 'Sleeper Hold' move / jump action), where you definitely would have had to use putty for the goatee (modelling putty, not just ordinary window putty) and, I can't remember if you still had to use Brutus's head, where you'd definitely, whatever head you used, had to sand off all the hair (needless to say, this means remove the hair with sandpaper).

Another thing the recipe included was 'use putty to give Brutus the middle finger'.

I do remember some of the following recipes:

Faarooq - Virgil; use putty for the hair

Mankind - Hacksaw Jim Duggan; sculpt mask out of putty and make his shirt out of cloth

Ahmed Johnson - Hulk Hogan's head (the first 'Gorilla Press Slam' version) on Macho Man Randy Savage's body (the first version wearing orange briefs, and with the 'Elbow Smash' move); sand off hair and bandana

The Rock - Tatanka; repaint the figure

Triple H - Shawn Michaels (HBK version); use putty to make more hair

I can't remember the exact recipe for making the Headbangers, but I remember it included Rowdy Roddy Piper (yes, for the both of them - Thrasher and Mosh!)

Dude Love - Hacksaw Jim Duggan; repaint the figure

Cactus Jack - use Typhoon's head on Hacksaw Jim Duggan's body; repaint the figure

I pray someone remembers all the recipes this page had. I can't even remember if it had a recipe for Ken Shamrock.

I already know the recipes for good custom Goldust and Kane figures:

Goldust - Doink the Clown; get rid of hair and use putty to fill in holes

Kane - Undertaker; rove hat and sculpt mask out of putty

I also remember the recipe for a custom figure of Rick Rude (him as a WCW manager):

Use Ravishing Rick Rude's head on Ted DiBiase's body (the first version wearing the black tuxedo, with the 'Million Dollar Punch' move / uppercut action), and sand off some hair (to make it short). Sand off bow tie and sculpt new tie out of putty.

Even if there wasn't a recipe for this wrestler on that site, I know a good one:

Friar Ferguson - use Hawk's head on Typhoon's body. Sand off moustache, sculpt robe (and sleeves) and sash belt out of putty and sculpt new feet out of putty (and make the toes out of the putty).

Oh and, before I forget, I know a good recipe to make a heel 'King of Harts' Owen Hart figure:

Crush (first version released in yellow carded series, clean shaven); repaint the figure.

I would include a link to the item's details page, but I don't have one. Consequently, like I said, I pray someone can help me on this subject.

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Poster: Face_ Date: Dec 31, 2008 3:52am
Forum: web Subject: Re: AOL Hometown BS (digging deeper)

The url of the board,, now redirects to That site still seems to be working. Are those the messages you meant?

It's really crappy though. You have to click "Next Page" repeatedly to get previous messages. They are not organized.

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Poster: APM28 Date: Jan 19, 2009 4:38pm
Forum: web Subject: Re: AOL Hometown BS (digging deeper)

Thank you for the reply, "Face_", but no ---- I know that is the "new home" of Erin Crowley's old web board at her LEE VAN CLEEF FOREVER site. And yes, it's "really crappy" in many ways. When Aaron switched over from Erin's site, he couldn't Archive all those old Posts. DiscServer (now YourWebApps) doesn't provide much in the way of Storage, you see...

I am trying to out-fox AOhelL, and Recover old messages that they've locked out from the general public in their "Hometown" shut-down of late last year (November?).

This is something that a Hacker type might be able to solve, but it's beyond me. (I've been Online since 1984, and can usually figure most things out...but this is a Programming subterfuge, and I'm hoping SOMEone out there knows a Work-Around.)

Thanks for your proffered help, anyway --- if you know someone who can find a back door to the links I provided in my previous Post, PLEASE put them in contact with me.

Write directly (drop Spaces, natch) to me here: A P M C Q U I D D Y 2 8 -a t- y a h o o (daht calm).


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Poster: whenwilltimetravelbepossible Date: Apr 12, 2014 3:09pm
Forum: web Subject: Re: AOL Hometown BS (digging deeper)

Instructions / walkthrough for changing the Undertaker into Kane:

Remove hat with pliers and re-sculpt the figure's hair with the modelling putty (obviously, paint the re-sculpted hair, at the top of the figure's head, with the gloss paint).

Sand off the sleeves (even though they're short) [and, obviously, paint the arms the colour of the figure's skin].

Recolour the light grey gloves black, leave the shirt black (but paint red flames at the bottom of it), leave the legs black and sand off boot spats, then paint the entire boots black.

I've just remembered - depending on what version of the Undertaker you use, recolour the hair dark brown (if you use the first version, which has a neon blue card, and wears eye shadow, since that version of him has auburn hair) [though you'll not have to do this if you use the second version from the red carded series, with no eye shadow, which already has dark hair].

Before sculpting the mask out of the modelling putty, sand off all the facial features (the eyes, nose and beard) and, when you do sculpt on the mask, use the putty to sculpt new eyes.

If you do use the red carded Undertaker, where you don't have to recolour the hair, remove the jacket (which is made of cloth) [the first figure release doesn't have any accessories].